Zioty, an ambiguous blog, but where to head next?

Posted on: September 4th, 2011 by Vince 5 Comments


    Since I started this ambiguous blog, it’s been earning it’s views daily. A great blog with much potential. I’ve had so many ideas for this blog running through my brain, it’s ridiculous. But I shall continue forth as a key tech blog. I have asked you all today, if you may, to comment on what you think of my option for this blog. My option is to get a new theme and logo for this blog, and, to write longer articles on the biggest of news of the weeks/months. What do you think? Comment below, please. Thank you for your time and heartfelt charity to this here blog.

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I love coding and re-visioning the web. Designing it and redesigning it. Pixel by pixel. And technology and news rule my life. Check out my stories here and you shall truly see what I mean.

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