[BREAKING]Apple CEO Dies, An Inspiration Many Fail To Grasp.

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    Steve Jobs was a man of words. Of wisdom. And of inventing. His true passion of seeing what people wanted was incredible feature. But all apple’s were created equal. That’s right, Bill Gates. Who you may have contemplated and concluded as Steve Jobs’s arch nemesis actually helped with Apple. This brilliant man, indeed, also help develop the Mac OS X software in which Macs run on. Now, I know many of you out there are die-hard Steve Jobs skeptics, but this man did much more than that. The Iphone you may be currently holding your hand has much more power and truth behind it’s legacy and history. For this company not only made Mac and other devices, but also items now on the PC. What? The first mouse ever used on a computer was built by the intellectual genius standing at the footsteps of his funeral today.  He also invented the first spreadsheet. For all of the PDF/Word users out there, he shall well be deserved a congrats towards that. The great and all-powerful IBM machines also ran with Apple as they partnered in 1988. Further on comes Apple’s d-day, it’s saving grace, bringing it into a whole new era. The Ipod. A popular product almost everyone owns now, and of what really took off. The classic vintage tapes and CDs were a bit of a hassle, so they brilliantly thought ahead and hooked the consumer market. They hit 3 billion downloads last summer. A whole new dynasty of phones awakens as the Iphone launches in 2007. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of touch screen phones before this. But what those phones didn’t have, that Steve Jobs added to his line was apps. Apps were a whole new idea then, a newborn baby, something no one believed would take off this fast. The apps kept growing, and the announcements got more intense as, last year, Apple unveiled a whole new Ipod touchscreen Nano. This allowed people to do more with their Nano. The Macs also kicked on through time. Though, most recently, their computer’s have grasped consumers immensely. In 2008, the transportation of laptops just got so much easier. The Macbook Air launched and at 0.68″, this sucker got everyone’s attention. No one saw a laptop this thin, and Steve Jobs sure wowed the audience. His years later really affected Apple, having to take 6 months of sick leave for a liver transplant. He resigned last month, and to a suprise of a young 56, and a cold, harsh, last month, Steve Jobs has died. He will forever be known as a legend, both in the tech world and the business and personal-related world. Forever may his soul rest in peace in heaven.

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