Apple Hurdles In New Game, But New Hardware?

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    Well, today has been a enormously action-packed day at the Apple headquarters. We just got a peek in on the news flying ’round the web here.  The new Iphone and Ipod Touch may look the same, which was not expected, but the software and apps have changed.


The new Iphone comes through today as an incredible new operating system. But what new about it makes it so special? It may look generic, but look again. We show you the new features, as well as for the Ipod Touch.


Twitter for Iphone has taken a next move and step forward with it’s new ease of social networking. The popular service brings it’s features and more to your browser, and apps in IOS5. When you want to tweet something, simply sign in under settings. ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom! Done, tweet items effortlessly with a simple tap of a button. And for another spice, the Twitter service launched a new photo tool. Your Iphone also takes photos. So now, they work in harmony just as the other Iphone Twitter feature.  So for those “all-mighty” Twitter users, this may be the next sacred tool for you in IOS.

Video and Photo Recording and Editing:

This new feature may seems not of very new, but only 1080p video added.

This has not brought much attention as the race hurds on. Many overly-anticipated Iphone-goers were disappointed this week to find this device the exact same model, almost. So, with that said, are you upgrading?

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