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A Television Revolution?

Posted on: January 13th, 2013 by Vince No Comments



This past CES was many of an amazing site and a wonder to some. The land of electronics voiced a new view on television. Last year was the year of 3d, a year come and gone as we are beginning to move into higher-density resolution screens and crisper, clearer images. Though the thought is still here, the 4k live broadcast television is not yet here. We have gotten word that Sony will be releasing it’s movies on 4k quality, but many other television marketers will also want to take play in this gorgeous quality-driven competition. But there’s much more to face. The demand on the market, mostly is televised broadcasts. Just last decade did we launch High Definition, and this proved successful beyond means. But this new standard means upgrading and transitions for the broadcast sector of the American job market. This brings up costs and new equipment  that I’m sure many companies would rather back down than upgrade to a new format that very few will achieve the chance to use so soon. Bandwidth has always been used for video. The higher resolution the video, the higher the bandwidth must be to broadcast the signal. The larger bandwidth requirement is also going to require more storage. This means that the transition to 4k will be an unwillingly sight, and will take awhile for the consumer and broadcast industry to adjust to the new format on resolution. So enjoy 1080p while you can, people!




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