The Final Stand

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The internet’s been running for about 40 years. That being said, it’s had a grueling past, but none as grudging as this. The government, of all systems, is making the attempt to take away our second amendment. They are sneaking their way past the Constitution to put past a bill to deliver them more power and access into your lives. This is quite a problem and may come out shocking to most, as this bill is not in favor by most of the American people. This bill, proposed last year and this year as CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) is a bill that causes more harm than good. This monstrosity has been going for over a year now, and it’s taking it’s toll as it’s passing is quite a struggle. The fine line that it stands between is a decision battle between the U.S. Senate and Congress. It’s quite a mess, and I may quit the internet if this proposed bill passes. This entanglement, if you will, is quite larger than the name reveals. The name only contradicts the internal intentions of said proposed bills. We’ll keep you updated as we get more news on it. Stay tuned on this topic. Thanks.

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A Television Revolution?

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This past CES was many of an amazing site and a wonder to some. The land of electronics voiced a new view on television. Last year was the year of 3d, a year come and gone as we are beginning to move into higher-density resolution screens and crisper, clearer images. Though the thought is still here, the 4k live broadcast television is not yet here. We have gotten word that Sony will be releasing it’s movies on 4k quality, but many other television marketers will also want to take play in this gorgeous quality-driven competition. But there’s much more to face. The demand on the market, mostly is televised broadcasts. Just last decade did we launch High Definition, and this proved successful beyond means. But this new standard means upgrading and transitions for the broadcast sector of the American job market. This brings up costs and new equipment  that I’m sure many companies would rather back down than upgrade to a new format that very few will achieve the chance to use so soon. Bandwidth has always been used for video. The higher resolution the video, the higher the bandwidth must be to broadcast the signal. The larger bandwidth requirement is also going to require more storage. This means that the transition to 4k will be an unwillingly sight, and will take awhile for the consumer and broadcast industry to adjust to the new format on resolution. So enjoy 1080p while you can, people!




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Windows 8, a leap into a new market

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The much anticipated software for tablets will be hitting shelves across the world next friday as Microsoft launches Windows 8, a new os on a new market.  The software is built for both desktop and tablet interface, with both multitouch and mouse support.  But will it sell?  That’s the market Microsoft’s about to enter as it intends for users not only to use this for tablets, but also on desktops.  But the problem is that the multitouch desktops and touchsmarts have a small market, and most of the market is desktop.  And with a desktop world being introduced to apps and scrollbars for tiles, this might not end well for the desktop users.  As for new tablet owners, the effect will be evolutionary.  It’s a step up from the average tablet software, offering the ease the Ipad never gave you.  The speed up at start up and shut down is incredible.  Check out the commercials below, and this had better be your new tablet.

Commercial #1:

Commercial #2

Commercial #3


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Huawei Bringing In Disrespect For America

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I know I’ve been slow on news recently, but I’ve been really busy.

Recently, Huawei appeared as a huge headline and debate over 60 Minutes on building our next telecommunications system.  You could say that’s not a bad thing, if you haven’t heard the whole story.  The company, Huawei, if you didn’t know incorporated some of the first 4G systems into their company.  Now, that isn’t the worst part.  The worst part is that the they are a Chinese company.  And with a Chinese company building your country’s bridge to the future leads to further problems.  Not only does this seem like a government scam, but also a threat to the United States.  And why can’t we build our own telecommunications towers?  Well, this probably is some money the company slid under the table to the government.  This is deep concern because not only is there thought on the Chinese hacking into our telecom wires and tapping into devices, and such, but also the fact that the government doesn’t even trust a U.S. company to set up the telecommunication towers.  The facts spill straight out and there is no need for foreign technology to build up our country.  I mean, we invented the computer, it seems a little suspicious that the government would let a Chinese company build on american soil.  ZTE, another Chinese company, is also said to be involved in the build.  Congress has brought up concern, too, such as:


Feel free to leave your opinion below, but personally, I think we should all be concerned if this plan goes underway.


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A new crisp flame emerges

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Image credit: TheVerge

Just recently were announced the new Kindle Fires: The HD versions. There are major changes that can easily outmatch the Ipad. These features outfit the new Amazon very well as they take a different approach. And no, it’s not against Apple. And they aren’t looking for competition. They are looking for innovation, and innovation they have made. The new tablets they have created are more of a tablet and are loaded with plenty of rich new features. The new tablets both have sleeker, curved edges, designed for a better feel when you are using the devices. The devices also both include Dolby Digital Audio. That includes crystal clear audio protruding from the speakers and out for beautiful movie watching/music listening. Next is the dual-band wi-fi. This means wherever you lay your hands on the device, it will pick up wi-fi. No more worry about losing wi-fi signal. Next is the new X-ray. Now this might seem like multitasking, but it’s a new type of multitasking. It’s an overlay of IMDB you can use while you’re watching your favorite movie, just in case you have to look up the actor, etc. Now onto Freetime. Have you ever wanted your kids to use your tablet, but safe, and just with games? Well, that’s where Freetime comes in. It has an essential list of games on the Kindles, preloaded, for your child’s gaming needs. If you’re ever reading a book, and need to go cook dinner, or are just lazy, you can use the new Whispersync and switch to the audiobook for the ebook you are reading. This also works in games and movies. The new Kindles also come with a video camera for all of your Skyping needs in crystal clear HD. Social also comes into play where  you can check your feeds in one integrated system. There are two versions: The HD 1280×800 dual band wi-fi resolution screen, for $199-249, and a 4G  LTE dual band wi-fi version for $299-499. If you’re looking for a great all-around tablet for everything an Ipad can do for a cheaper price (depending) then the new Kindle Fire HD lineup is the best choice for you.

Check out the TV Ad:

Sources: Amazon


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