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Huawei Bringing In Disrespect For America

Posted on: October 12th, 2012 by Vince No Comments


I know I’ve been slow on news recently, but I’ve been really busy.

Recently, Huawei appeared as a huge headline and debate over 60 Minutes on building our next telecommunications system.  You could say that’s not a bad thing, if you haven’t heard the whole story.  The company, Huawei, if you didn’t know incorporated some of the first 4G systems into their company.  Now, that isn’t the worst part.  The worst part is that the they are a Chinese company.  And with a Chinese company building your country’s bridge to the future leads to further problems.  Not only does this seem like a government scam, but also a threat to the United States.  And why can’t we build our own telecommunications towers?  Well, this probably is some money the company slid under the table to the government.  This is deep concern because not only is there thought on the Chinese hacking into our telecom wires and tapping into devices, and such, but also the fact that the government doesn’t even trust a U.S. company to set up the telecommunication towers.  The facts spill straight out and there is no need for foreign technology to build up our country.  I mean, we invented the computer, it seems a little suspicious that the government would let a Chinese company build on american soil.  ZTE, another Chinese company, is also said to be involved in the build.  Congress has brought up concern, too, such as:


Feel free to leave your opinion below, but personally, I think we should all be concerned if this plan goes underway.


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