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A new crisp flame emerges

Posted on: September 11th, 2012 by Vince No Comments

Image credit: TheVerge

Just recently were announced the new Kindle Fires: The HD versions. There are major changes that can easily outmatch the Ipad. These features outfit the new Amazon very well as they take a different approach. And no, it’s not against Apple. And they aren’t looking for competition. They are looking for innovation, and innovation they have made. The new tablets they have created are more of a tablet and are loaded with plenty of rich new features. The new tablets both have sleeker, curved edges, designed for a better feel when you are using the devices. The devices also both include Dolby Digital Audio. That includes crystal clear audio protruding from the speakers and out for beautiful movie watching/music listening. Next is the dual-band wi-fi. This means wherever you lay your hands on the device, it will pick up wi-fi. No more worry about losing wi-fi signal. Next is the new X-ray. Now this might seem like multitasking, but it’s a new type of multitasking. It’s an overlay of IMDB you can use while you’re watching your favorite movie, just in case you have to look up the actor, etc. Now onto Freetime. Have you ever wanted your kids to use your tablet, but safe, and just with games? Well, that’s where Freetime comes in. It has an essential list of games on the Kindles, preloaded, for your child’s gaming needs. If you’re ever reading a book, and need to go cook dinner, or are just lazy, you can use the new Whispersync and switch to the audiobook for the ebook you are reading. This also works in games and movies. The new Kindles also come with a video camera for all of your Skyping needs in crystal clear HD. Social also comes into play where  you can check your feeds in one integrated system. There are two versions: The HD 1280×800 dual band wi-fi resolution screen, for $199-249, and a 4G  LTE dual band wi-fi version for $299-499. If you’re looking for a great all-around tablet for everything an Ipad can do for a cheaper price (depending) then the new Kindle Fire HD lineup is the best choice for you.

Check out the TV Ad:

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Apple’s unaffective and boring advertising during The Olympics

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Apple has always used effective advertising.  Especially for special events, such as the superbowl.  The Ipod models kicked off commercials well.  And so did the Mac commercials. At least, back then they did.  Now the ad shown is really pathetic and show’s no confidence in the product.  If they’re going to do an ad, at least have the product their, at least. I mean, without the product, you’re pretty much talking to a wall.  Nothing to show off to the consumer is a bad way to strategize, and especially for Apple.  This is a first-time the Apple fan crowd, and others, have seen the dramatic downfall on the advertising of the company.  The company bailed on us with talking ads and not showing ads.  You can’t even see the screen in the second video.  This is a sad turnout for the Apple company.  They could have done better.  Much better.

Apple – Mac – TV Ad – Mayday

Apple – Mac – TV Ad – Labor Day

Apple – Mac – TV Ad – Basically

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I love coding and re-visioning the web. Designing it and redesigning it. Pixel by pixel. And technology and news rule my life. Check out my stories here and you shall truly see what I mean.

A SOPA For The Wicked

Posted on: January 20th, 2012 by Vince 1 Comment


I come from a position that once used to be a web for all to share. Copyright content was non talked about, until a resent tragedy that left us all nervous and wallowing in fear. This was the start of an evil opponent to the internet. Many of us take it in some views, and others in another perspective, but I believe this bill should be put to rest. The uprising of many protesters has not been pretty, and more may come if this demon of a bill breaks through this coming Tuesday.

What Is SOPA?

SOPA is a bill that stands for “Stop Online Piracy Act”. Now, you must be thinking, “This will be amazing!”. Though, let it’s somewhat ironic name not be to deceive you. This bill does more than stop censorship, and from what I’m seeing, it promotes it. The bill also does the following:

  • Cuts off ads from foreign sites, losing site money
  • All copyrighted infringing sites may be down, including:
  1. Youtube.
  2. Reddit.
  3. Wikipedia.
  4. And many others.

More Discussion and Reasoning

This bill, proposed to pass, may, in fact, not be all that it says. It holds truth, also, to cutting off sites IMMEDIATELY. So, say you have a song, maybe on your site. It could be anything infringing. You may not know it, but Comcast could immediately take your site off their IPS. That is incredibly bad in a way that they can actually take you to court. This is an immediate threat that many of us on here have never come to. Having to pay to use pictures, video, or music? That’s insane. Many of you, i’m sure, have heard of Blogger. They’re huge Google company, but SOPA could force them out of business. Blogs currently hosted on there have copyrighted content. So, Google and ISPs would block that. But, I know what you’re thinking. What about my site? If it’s on a domain name, you may be lucky to get the IP address in the box and head to the site while in affect.

The Global Catastrophe

Global perspective could bring down the internet usage worldwide. And you may be wondering why? This is because foreign targets are suspected as copyright violators. While you may be able to view your site from that country, if you live there, and it contains copyrighted material, you won’t see it here in the U.S. The bill also puts pressure on ads. Many companies rely on ads, Google being one of them. When ads are taken away, so is that company. And the fact that SOPA is doing this is not going to help anyone in this situation. The ads from the infringing site, global sites included, are found on Google now, they will no longer be found later. This is a big regime to keep the money coming to the media companies. Hey, my blog is awesome, let’s put up an ad. Oh, wait. You have a photo, maybe from Engadget or Huffington Post, on your site. Now, your site is shut down, and no ad for you. This may infuriate users, but I see a globally hacking spree coming. Anonymous, the world-famous group, hacked a few sites recently in opposition of MegaUpload shutting down. FBI arrests of MegaUpload’s founders were made, and not much good will come out. And censored search results will come into play. Money is lost and money is gained, and this will not be an easy task to tackle through.

Startups With SOPA

SOPA will also make building a startup harder. New regulations put into place will most likely bring less innovation. And less innovation almost falls to a monopoly, or oligarchy of the internet. These rules will weaken the internet indescribably. Say goodbye to Grooveshark and many other free services you use, as building another one will be made even more complicated than the first. Going through domain names is another subject. You may want to go foreign on domains, if SOPA passes, seeing as you may not have copyright issues there.

Conclusion, But Still To Worry

Much has gone through the past 4 months now. Fear and nervousness wretch through your bodies as you anxiously await the gruesome fate of the internet as it lies towards it’s bed of disease. This never-ending virus will push you off from where you started. Anger and rage will soon flourish after this passes (hopefully not). Anonymous has helped by taking sites down today, and many others may be able to bypass SOPA. Other’s will find it difficult and may give up. Vote No at, and write to him today. Before the fate of the internet’s hands is left beside the devil himself.

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I love coding and re-visioning the web. Designing it and redesigning it. Pixel by pixel. And technology and news rule my life. Check out my stories here and you shall truly see what I mean.

[BREAKING]Apple CEO Dies, An Inspiration Many Fail To Grasp.

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    Steve Jobs was a man of words. Of wisdom. And of inventing. His true passion of seeing what people wanted was incredible feature. But all apple’s were created equal. That’s right, Bill Gates. Who you may have contemplated and concluded as Steve Jobs’s arch nemesis actually helped with Apple. This brilliant man, indeed, also help develop the Mac OS X software in which Macs run on. Now, I know many of you out there are die-hard Steve Jobs skeptics, but this man did much more than that. The Iphone you may be currently holding your hand has much more power and truth behind it’s legacy and history. For this company not only made Mac and other devices, but also items now on the PC. What? The first mouse ever used on a computer was built by the intellectual genius standing at the footsteps of his funeral today.  He also invented the first spreadsheet. For all of the PDF/Word users out there, he shall well be deserved a congrats towards that. The great and all-powerful IBM machines also ran with Apple as they partnered in 1988. Further on comes Apple’s d-day, it’s saving grace, bringing it into a whole new era. The Ipod. A popular product almost everyone owns now, and of what really took off. The classic vintage tapes and CDs were a bit of a hassle, so they brilliantly thought ahead and hooked the consumer market. They hit 3 billion downloads last summer. A whole new dynasty of phones awakens as the Iphone launches in 2007. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of touch screen phones before this. But what those phones didn’t have, that Steve Jobs added to his line was apps. Apps were a whole new idea then, a newborn baby, something no one believed would take off this fast. The apps kept growing, and the announcements got more intense as, last year, Apple unveiled a whole new Ipod touchscreen Nano. This allowed people to do more with their Nano. The Macs also kicked on through time. Though, most recently, their computer’s have grasped consumers immensely. In 2008, the transportation of laptops just got so much easier. The Macbook Air launched and at 0.68″, this sucker got everyone’s attention. No one saw a laptop this thin, and Steve Jobs sure wowed the audience. His years later really affected Apple, having to take 6 months of sick leave for a liver transplant. He resigned last month, and to a suprise of a young 56, and a cold, harsh, last month, Steve Jobs has died. He will forever be known as a legend, both in the tech world and the business and personal-related world. Forever may his soul rest in peace in heaven.

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I love coding and re-visioning the web. Designing it and redesigning it. Pixel by pixel. And technology and news rule my life. Check out my stories here and you shall truly see what I mean.

Apple Hurdles In New Game, But New Hardware?

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    Well, today has been a enormously action-packed day at the Apple headquarters. We just got a peek in on the news flying ’round the web here.  The new Iphone and Ipod Touch may look the same, which was not expected, but the software and apps have changed.


The new Iphone comes through today as an incredible new operating system. But what new about it makes it so special? It may look generic, but look again. We show you the new features, as well as for the Ipod Touch.


Twitter for Iphone has taken a next move and step forward with it’s new ease of social networking. The popular service brings it’s features and more to your browser, and apps in IOS5. When you want to tweet something, simply sign in under settings. ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom! Done, tweet items effortlessly with a simple tap of a button. And for another spice, the Twitter service launched a new photo tool. Your Iphone also takes photos. So now, they work in harmony just as the other Iphone Twitter feature.  So for those “all-mighty” Twitter users, this may be the next sacred tool for you in IOS.

Video and Photo Recording and Editing:

This new feature may seems not of very new, but only 1080p video added.

This has not brought much attention as the race hurds on. Many overly-anticipated Iphone-goers were disappointed this week to find this device the exact same model, almost. So, with that said, are you upgrading?

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I love coding and re-visioning the web. Designing it and redesigning it. Pixel by pixel. And technology and news rule my life. Check out my stories here and you shall truly see what I mean.