Apple’s unaffective and boring advertising during The Olympics

Posted on: July 28th, 2012 by Vince No Comments

Apple has always used effective advertising.  Especially for special events, such as the superbowl.  The Ipod models kicked off commercials well.  And so did the Mac commercials. At least, back then they did.  Now the ad shown is really pathetic and show’s no confidence in the product.  If they’re going to do an ad, at least have the product their, at least. I mean, without the product, you’re pretty much talking to a wall.  Nothing to show off to the consumer is a bad way to strategize, and especially for Apple.  This is a first-time the Apple fan crowd, and others, have seen the dramatic downfall on the advertising of the company.  The company bailed on us with talking ads and not showing ads.  You can’t even see the screen in the second video.  This is a sad turnout for the Apple company.  They could have done better.  Much better.

Apple – Mac – TV Ad – Mayday

Apple – Mac – TV Ad – Labor Day

Apple – Mac – TV Ad – Basically

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