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Digg goes minimal with a new redesign

Posted on: August 1st, 2012 by Vince No Comments

Image credit: TheVerge

Digg has been a long time curator of the web’s many enlightening stories.  From the large, upfront articles, to down-low articles, the site has done it all.  It’s recent accusation by LinkedIn, The Washington Post, and Betaworks have left the company to make the site a better or worse site.  The site’s redesign, although minimal, is quite an improvement.  It has shown easier to move around with a sleek new interface, and nice buttons for this web 2.0 era.  They built the whole site from the ground up since they acquired it, and further features soon to arise include:


  • introduce network-based personalization features (like we do in to make Digg a more relevant and social experience
  • experiment with new commenting features
  • continue to iterate Digg for mobile web
  • move the website forward with features like the Reading List, different views into the top stories on Digg, and more data to help users better understand why a particular story is trending
  • launch an API so that members of the development community can build all the products that we haven’t even thought of yet

Though the site has seen an exponential amount of users in the past, will this redesign cut it? Will this be their final haven, along with other features, to save the lone social network? Tell us in the comments below what you think.

Source: TheVerge


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