A Blazing Inferno Erupts With The All New Kindle Fire!

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    The Kindle Fire recently launched today in NYC, and we’re here to show you why you should definately switch.  This device may not seem competitive, but it can incredibly beat your Ipad up with it’s wire’s tied behind it’s back (cover). This device packs a full-on punch as Cloud support and browser kick in, plus apps and a ton more!


This screen pushes some power forth as a 16 million high res display pushes forth high definition movies and better magazine support . A 7 inch display puts forth a bigger viewing screen for apps/media on-the-go.


Zombieville to Facebook to Farmville, whatever you’re looking for, the Amazon Android app store has it. Faster downloads also improve this app store as users shall easily gain access to thousands of apps.

Dual-Core Processing, Ipad Can’t Match:

Dual Core Processing. That’s what the Kindle Fire shows in it’s lineup here today. What’s so great about this, as many of you may say, but I see it as a mobile gamer’s paradise. This allows for much of multitasking of apps, as well as fast-graphic games, such as RPGs and such.

Web Browsing:

Web Browsing. Social Media. It represents the world, and the Amazon Silk browser included with Kindle Fire will show you why it blows off all the rest. This browser runs computer-speed. But another stunning support is the Adobe Flash Player Support. Apple can’t sign to that.

Cloud Services:

Cloud services. A new technology that engulfs many in its awesome saving software. The service will give your media available everywhere, and if your Kindle Fire crashes, this sweet support serves as a virtual backup.

And much much more!

Now what you think about this superb device can be shared below. But this device, in my opinion, packs a punch, running Amazon’s styled version of Android, with more support and features. But, question is, are you buying one?

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