Instagram. A Beautiful App, But Did Facebook Demise?

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Instagram was recently bought by Facebook for $1 billion. But we investigate the past and find out if the buy was even worth it.

The classic ages where we all once roamed also made for beautiful pictures. From memories to events, poloroid and other cameras made their way into the camera industry.  Not even 2 years ago, though, did Kevin Systrom launch Instagram, a photo platform used as a playground for making better photographers and neat photos.  The platform kicked off fast, on a boat to millions.  The app itself features square camera UI, taking square photos, adding up to 15 classic, neat filters, such as Gotham or Lord Kelvin, to spice up your photo(s).  Instagram made it to the top in the apps selection for Apple and Google Play.  This surprising surmount also brought great joy as new users registering and uploading photos could now be critiqued or liked from Instagrammers from around the world.  Later on, these touching photos became wall art as the folks at CanvasPop made Instagram a new way of artwork.  The service has been running exceedingly well, and has recently launched an Android app.  The apps’ redesign also made critical improvements.  But the real bust was this month, when the company fell to an overall $1 billion deal collected up by Facebook.  This may not seem as bad as you think, but when you think of how large Facebook is, it doesn’t push through as much creativity as it has such a large crowd to build for, and also that Facebook is supervising as Kevin Systrom isn’t heading to Facebook, only means less ingeniousness.  But what do I know?  For all I know, the company could become a huge phenomenon and base for ideas.  Or it could sink into the trenches as Facebook continues to swallow up the small business that do our world good.  So let me ask you, do you think it was a smart move on Facebook to shovel up Instagram, one of the most creative photo apps out there?

Sources:   TheVerge

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