The over-exaggeration at WWDC

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The Device

When I pick up a device, it’s anything but an Iphone.  I’ve been pressured to buy an Iphone, but I just can’t see myself with such a device.  The problem isn’t the device itself, but the way the company puts out the device every year.  They don’t give you time to upgrade.  So your first generation or second generation Iphone are already out of date.  So is that third generation Ipod touch you bought a couple years ago.  The WWDC event is only three hours away.  What we expect to entangle us is an Iphone that will soon be out of date.  One that can be used for only a year or two.  After that, they are discontinued.  Otherwise known as old.  So why even buy such an intricate device?


With all the features, the interface doesn’t feel as clean as I would like it to feel.  The animations are a bit laggy, also.  The user experiences for each app are all different, which would make me assume that users would have to learn how to use each app.  The apps for these devices have proved enormous, but with so many apps, how many are you really going to use?  We believe that the Ipad, too, will receive major competition this year with Windows 8.  A faster boot up than both Ipad and Iphone make it a top notch competitor for consumers.  The true future of Apple, I believe, is that it will not do as well without Steve Jobs.  It will never get Flash.  It will never do PowerPoints.  In my mind, those are key for business, and I can’t see you doing that kind of business on an Iphone or Ipad. The Iphone has not landed yet, and will not until this fall, along with all the other products. The fact is that the Apple products will never win. They may win the competition, but not the interface that the other smaller companies provide. With all the buyers, they don’t have to change much.


Interface means a lot to me, and when it feels too clunky and hard to manage, like Apple’s, it’s time to move on. Many only buy because of what they here, but not everything is Apple. Frankly, I believe their computers are too awful to work around, and having no right clicker makes me wonder how people stay so attached to such an unsupported device. The two words that are said at the conference are meaningful to a sense, but when you come down to it, the device is way to over-hyped with many missing features and a long road to the top if they want to better perceive the audience. No Flash support has brought a drop to me as I am running Flash a lot on my PC and tablet to run certain things. Apple has said they will never support it. Why, though, we don’t know. They also have powerful chipsets, but none to compete with the already growing surplus of better chipsets from NVIDIA, ARM, and Intel that support high quality graphics. Faster performance in these chips mean much to the user. The startup on Apple computers take forever, too, as I wonder how they keep the audience growing. The startup time for the up and coming Windows 8 is like 10 seconds.


For me, on an Apple product, it feels like 10 minutes. As you can see my frustration in this billion dollar business, my main concern is not the company. Nor the product. It’s what’s not in the product. And simplicity is one of them. So the next time you pick up an Apple device, clearly research and compare it with other products as a product and not a superior.

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