Amazon’s smart move into the dumb world

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Amazon has always been a major in shipping, but just last year did it enter the digital device era when it launched the glorious Kindle Fire.  The device had everything the Ipad had, but at a much cheaper price.  The device worked well.  It sold a whopping amount on the first few weeks, and rumor has it another is to appear this year.  It’s not surprising as this year Apple and Android are at it again, and I’m sure Amazon would like a piece of that cake.  The problem is getting the phone into a 5 year old market already growing stronger.  The Kindle Fire took off, but the market was just over a year old.  This device will sure to amaze, I hope, but the problem, also, is apps.  Apps are everywhere nowadays.  ‘There’s an app for that’ is the catchphrase everyone seems to be using now.  Amazon’s market for apps is growing, but the speed may not be enough.  Apple has 600,000 apps, Android has 500,000, and Windows Phone just hit 100,000.  Though Amazon tugs along, stuck under a root at 31,000 apps.  Though they’re getting there, they still don’t appeal to the wide variety the other platforms are performing at.  Let alone that concept, the UI design is seamless and has obviously appealed to the consumer.  The Iphone and Android should be big in competition this year, as they, too, have launched their own cloud services.  This puts more pressure on Amazon as they hurry up for the holiday season to come.  The speed on the Jelly Bean 4.1 for Android could also show some weakness on Amazon.  And the Iphone’s simplicity may also damage the UX for Amazon.  In my true opinion, I believe that Amazon has a firm grip on this and is ready to take on the competition that lies ahead.  Providing easier marketplace uploading might also boost the ratings on the Amazon platform.  Though reading is a plus on their side, it will take much effort to convince the average 2012 consumer.  The news will all unfold this holiday, we hope, as rumored Amazon will launch their new smartphone to the market.

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