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The over-exaggeration at WWDC

Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by Vince No Comments

The Device

When I pick up a device, it’s anything but an Iphone.  I’ve been pressured to buy an Iphone, but I just can’t see myself with such a device.  The problem isn’t the device itself, but the way the company puts out the device every year.  They don’t give you time to upgrade.  So your first generation or second generation Iphone are already out of date.  So is that third generation Ipod touch you bought a couple years ago.  The WWDC event is only three hours away.  What we expect to entangle us is an Iphone that will soon be out of date.  One that can be used for only a year or two.  After that, they are discontinued.  Otherwise known as old.  So why even buy such an intricate device?


With all the features, the interface doesn’t feel as clean as I would like it to feel.  The animations are a bit laggy, also.  The user experiences for each app are all different, which would make me assume that users would have to learn how to use each app.  The apps for these devices have proved enormous, but with so many apps, how many are you really going to use?  We believe that the Ipad, too, will receive major competition this year with Windows 8.  A faster boot up than both Ipad and Iphone make it a top notch competitor for consumers.  The true future of Apple, I believe, is that it will not do as well without Steve Jobs.  It will never get Flash.  It will never do PowerPoints.  In my mind, those are key for business, and I can’t see you doing that kind of business on an Iphone or Ipad. The Iphone has not landed yet, and will not until this fall, along with all the other products. The fact is that the Apple products will never win. They may win the competition, but not the interface that the other smaller companies provide. With all the buyers, they don’t have to change much.


Interface means a lot to me, and when it feels too clunky and hard to manage, like Apple’s, it’s time to move on. Many only buy because of what they here, but not everything is Apple. Frankly, I believe their computers are too awful to work around, and having no right clicker makes me wonder how people stay so attached to such an unsupported device. The two words that are said at the conference are meaningful to a sense, but when you come down to it, the device is way to over-hyped with many missing features and a long road to the top if they want to better perceive the audience. No Flash support has brought a drop to me as I am running Flash a lot on my PC and tablet to run certain things. Apple has said they will never support it. Why, though, we don’t know. They also have powerful chipsets, but none to compete with the already growing surplus of better chipsets from NVIDIA, ARM, and Intel that support high quality graphics. Faster performance in these chips mean much to the user. The startup on Apple computers take forever, too, as I wonder how they keep the audience growing. The startup time for the up and coming Windows 8 is like 10 seconds.


For me, on an Apple product, it feels like 10 minutes. As you can see my frustration in this billion dollar business, my main concern is not the company. Nor the product. It’s what’s not in the product. And simplicity is one of them. So the next time you pick up an Apple device, clearly research and compare it with other products as a product and not a superior.

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I love coding and re-visioning the web. Designing it and redesigning it. Pixel by pixel. And technology and news rule my life. Check out my stories here and you shall truly see what I mean.

Instagram. A Beautiful App, But Did Facebook Demise?

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Instagram was recently bought by Facebook for $1 billion. But we investigate the past and find out if the buy was even worth it.

The classic ages where we all once roamed also made for beautiful pictures. From memories to events, poloroid and other cameras made their way into the camera industry.  Not even 2 years ago, though, did Kevin Systrom launch Instagram, a photo platform used as a playground for making better photographers and neat photos.  The platform kicked off fast, on a boat to millions.  The app itself features square camera UI, taking square photos, adding up to 15 classic, neat filters, such as Gotham or Lord Kelvin, to spice up your photo(s).  Instagram made it to the top in the apps selection for Apple and Google Play.  This surprising surmount also brought great joy as new users registering and uploading photos could now be critiqued or liked from Instagrammers from around the world.  Later on, these touching photos became wall art as the folks at CanvasPop made Instagram a new way of artwork.  The service has been running exceedingly well, and has recently launched an Android app.  The apps’ redesign also made critical improvements.  But the real bust was this month, when the company fell to an overall $1 billion deal collected up by Facebook.  This may not seem as bad as you think, but when you think of how large Facebook is, it doesn’t push through as much creativity as it has such a large crowd to build for, and also that Facebook is supervising as Kevin Systrom isn’t heading to Facebook, only means less ingeniousness.  But what do I know?  For all I know, the company could become a huge phenomenon and base for ideas.  Or it could sink into the trenches as Facebook continues to swallow up the small business that do our world good.  So let me ask you, do you think it was a smart move on Facebook to shovel up Instagram, one of the most creative photo apps out there?

Sources:   TheVerge

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I love coding and re-visioning the web. Designing it and redesigning it. Pixel by pixel. And technology and news rule my life. Check out my stories here and you shall truly see what I mean.

Music: The priority we live by, but can we afford to use by?

Posted on: March 31st, 2012 by Vince No Comments

Music has been all around us and has made much of style since it’s creation.  The indigenous past time went through it’s many incredible cycles. It started with the ominous and vintage vinyl player. That upgraded, eventually, to the casette player. And, as you can guess, that came to the Ipod. And, now the Ipod leads the world in music. But music costs money, and today’s music producers deserve the right to automatically share with their listeners. But what makes this topic so debatable? The fact of the matter is that music producers and artists receiver more money and credit than their audience wishes to pay them. If you look at prices on Itunes, 1.99 may not seem bad for a song, but those prices add up, and as you slowly, or increasingly, make your way up to 100 songs, you’ve wasted 200 bucks. Sorry cash that could have easily made it to a better purchase. Tax hikes recently on music have also brought me to this topic. This heated debate between the consumer and producer have given way to corruption as many fill their hands with more and more cash as prices for songs go up. Spotify recently was filed for tax hike by music producers. That is absolutely insane by my standards as I see paying for the service of listening to my favorite bands an outrage in itself. As a free member, I believe music should be free. The mass market of artists make high above normal, and don’t need the extra green to live. So why price the music? The producers want to earn money, and to do that, they can’t let people listen to the music. They want you to buy the music. Sure it may be their credit, but is a two minute song really worth spending on?

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I love coding and re-visioning the web. Designing it and redesigning it. Pixel by pixel. And technology and news rule my life. Check out my stories here and you shall truly see what I mean.

Facebook’s IPO: The Killer Company’s Decision That’s Killing Itself.

Posted on: February 7th, 2012 by Vince No Comments

Recent news have directed us straight to the source of a very popular website. So popular, this service is now estimated towards $100 billion. Facebook, the largest raving sores, against Google is now up for grabs as users will have chance at owning a piece of the company. But how will this affect us users? We know the site to be privately owned and operated, but when a company files for IPO, the founder doesn’t own the company anymore. We are wondering why such a spectacular company would push people to own it. This could affect terms of service and privacy policy, also. The company says it may be coming this week. The substantial debate has hit the internet by storm as many people pass incredible rumors. Bit these rumors, if said are true, could either lead Facebook ahead or far into ruins, back from where it is or should be. The service’s $100 billion IPO hits record as 6th largest in the world. It plans tow raise a $10 billion next week for the IPO. We don’t have many sources, or any yet that have confirmed the rumor fact, but we’ll stay on top. Mark Zuckerberg may either be winning the company or losing it as his position will be pushed towards the public, with popularity of the company. Will they file, or hold back? More news will be coming next week.

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I love coding and re-visioning the web. Designing it and redesigning it. Pixel by pixel. And technology and news rule my life. Check out my stories here and you shall truly see what I mean.

Zioty What-To-Get-Last-Minute-Gift Guide 2011

Posted on: December 18th, 2011 by Vince No Comments

The season of giving has headed up so fast, you might not have felt the holidays until now.  And the thoughts pile up.  What should I buy for the holidays, whether it’s a family member or a friend. But if it’s a tech gift, we’ve got you covered. The many devices emerging this year are great, so for you shop-ahaulics, and you wise money-spenders, we’ve got the list for you. Many tablets and mp3s mare dropping in, plus phones, cameras, and 3d video glasses? Check below and become worry-free with the excellent list.

Kindle Fire

Review: TheVerge

The Kindle Fire seems to be the talk-of-the-town this holiday season, and for many reasons, you can see why. This sleek tablet carries a vibrant 7 inch screen. This is great for viewing HD movies. It’s perfect for most apps, and has a super fast silk browser, cloud support, and more! This is the go-to tablet for last minute shopping.


Sony Nex 5n


Now, if you’re upgrading from point-shoot cameras to mid-dslr range cameras, this one is for you. The $600 price line may shock you, but it pays off in reassurance from it’s magnificence.  This amazing little device is the smallest micro four-thirds camera with complete dslr sensor and 1080p video. So, to step up your photo game on a last-minute rush, head to pick up one of these babies!


Samsung Series 7 Chronos

Finally, if you’re looking for a great laptop that’s at least 500 bucks cheaper than a macbook, and have money in town pick up this slick beauty. This laptop has great strength with overall fantastic graphic and performance quality, great for work, and free time roaming.

Wrap Up:

This concludes our overview of some last minute holiday gifts. If you wish to include some more items, please comment, and tell us.

All images are credited above and below

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I love coding and re-visioning the web. Designing it and redesigning it. Pixel by pixel. And technology and news rule my life. Check out my stories here and you shall truly see what I mean.